Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beauty on a budget | MUA Eyeshadow Trio

♡ Hello lovelies! 
So I don't know about you but I know that personally I love finding beauty bargains which include great products for small prices. MUA is a well known UK brand as it's known for it's cheap prices. I've tried my fair share of their products, and I can honestly say it is quite a good brand, however some of their oldest products are not so great. Today I will be talking about the eyeshadow trio in the shade 'Innocence', these little trios come in a number of different shades and can be found in superdrug for only 3.50. I got this as a gift quite a while back and have slowly fell in love with it, when I first started using the product I would apply it with a brush which gave off poor pigmentation, because of this I put the trio to the side for a bit until a few months ago I gave it another go. I discovered that to get the best pigmentation from this product is to either use your fingers to apply and then blend out with a brush or use the little sponge applicator it comes with. As you can see from the pictures the colours are beautiful and when applied correctly they can give the nicest outcome. Although you can't see it in the picture, the darkest shade has really pretty blue iridescent undertones and the other two colours are very shimmery and really make your eyes pop. The trio allows you to create various looks both light and dark, therefore it is very good for travelling and I usually take this when going away or to sleepovers. I am also quite surprised at the quality of the sponge applicator it comes with, I would usually expect those types of applicators to be quite flimsy and rough but this is very good quality and even after being washed shows no signs of wear and tear, as well as this it has a handy little slot so it doesn't go missing in your make up bag/storage due to it being so small. Lastly I quite like the packaging as it's simple, sleek and sturdy. It gets knocked about quite a bit when I take it out with me and so far no damage has been done to it, also it clicks and closes together very well as in the past I've had other eyeshadow open in my bag and go everywhere.
I would highly recommend this trio for you if you're looking for great deals and often travel or like to have your make up on the go with you!

♡I hope you enjoyed this post!
Karina xo


  1. That's interesting your finger worked better than a brush. I think I need to try that for some of my eye shadows that I've put away!


    1. I was quite surprised at first too but it's a great technique as its so quick and easy! x

  2. I've heard a lot that people use their fingers instead of brushes latley. These are such pretty colours, and I LOVE a bargain, I have yet to try anything from MUA apart from their makeup setting spray. So I will have to have a look at the selection of colours they have - I have way too many browns atm because of the naked palettes so I need something a little different. If you get anymore I'd love to see a post :)

    Jamie Reaping Beauty

    1. I have their heaven and earth palette which used to be raved about a lot, and it's quite good, definitely a good brand for such low prices! :)

  3. MUA are brilliant for budget makeup; their eyeshaddow quality is incredible! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  4. I use this almost daily! It's so affordable and handy to take travelling :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  5. great product,need it!


  6. Never used my fingers before will defiantly have to test it out, looks a great budget product would love to try it out but think they stock it here in Australia


  7. amazing shades Dear. look so nice