Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nail care

♡ Hello lovelies! 
Everyone has their own routine for everything and I always find it quite interesting watching youtube videos on peoples morning routines, night routines etc. So I'm going to be doing a post about my nail care routine and everything I do each time I paint my nails. I find this method works best as it allows me to get the best result and also keeps my manicure on the longest.
So, firstly I buff and file the nail, I prefer having square nails so I usually just neaten up any breakages or what not. I alternate between my 7 sided nail file and just a normal nail block. I prefer the 7 sided file as it is much sharper and easier to use. Once all that's done I wipe each of my nails down with some nail polish remover to remove any oils as this allows the nail polish to adhere to the nail better. I used the Cien nail polish remover and this is one of my favourites simply because of the packaging, it is one of those cool bottles that has a sort of pump and makes removing nail polish a lot easier. Moving on to the actual nail painting, I begin with a base coat. I use the essence hardening nail base coat, I find this really works and does make my nails feel a lot stronger, it creates a smooth base for the colour polish and also helps keep the polish in tact for longer. Next comes the colour polish, in this case it was Barry Ms Gelly nail paint in "Greenberry". I really recommend the gelly polishes as they are great quality and have a brilliant set of colours available. Lastly I finish the whole this of with a top coat, this time using Essence quick dry top coat, again another great Essence nail product as it does in fact dry extremely quickly and also makes my nails nice and glossy!

♡I hope you enjoyed this post
Karina xo

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